Deep dive into your customers behavior and improve processes with data and analytics

With Engage, you can take your business to the next level with access to data and analytics for the products you are using.

Deep Analytics

Deep dive into your Analytics

We help you deep dive into your analytics and learn more about your business and your customers behavior.

This added feature is key to your business success as it’s not only easy to set up, but the data is easy to understand and correlate and take action with it.

Key Features

Some of the features you can see include what channels of communication are being used, how many customers are using it in real time and what events/sessions they are interacting with, almost like a heatmap feature. With information like this, you can make decisions about button locations, or the first question a customer might receive in order to start a live chat.
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Easy Set Up

Simply set up this feature and start seeing reports in real time. What could be better than watching the data, and improving your customers experience when you see even the smallest issues. No more action abandonment in the customer service experience, and no more confusion about your omni channel offerings.

Seamlessly engage your customers and streamline your agents processes in no time.

We help companies and organizations improve
their digital communication with their customers.

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