Get Full Live Chat support capabilities with a seamless plug and play solution.

Our Engage Live Chat solution offers you full control of your Live Chat support for you customers, offering a seamless experience for you and your customers.

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Our no code solution for live chat support functions with ease and is deployed in no time so you can help your customers with their support queries in little or no time.

The Live chat tool is seamless for customers but our solution is also extremely easy for agents to build and use.

Our user friendly user interface allows you to build your live chat and bots to fit your brand,

and customers’s needs and requests and be deployed with zero code in minutes not week.

“ We’re now getting more qualified leads than before. Our SDRs are having more qualified conversations and we’re driving nearly 30% more MQLs. “

— Ben Battaglia, Director of Marketing, Menora

The Human Touch

Human representation is sometimes necessary, even if you adopt Chat Bots or other automated solutions, knowing someone is there can make all the difference.

The platform provides a smooth transition from the Bot to a human agent whenever the customer requests it, and runs seamlessly on its own. The Live Chat can be connected to WhatsApp and Facebook and any channel, it can work on your site, on mobile and wherever your customers are.

The Human Touch
Build your Own

Build your Own

As an added feature, our Live Chat solution allows you to build it out with all your branding, colours and imputed support FAQ questions.
Create your automated answers (We call them Smart Answers) with the platform and have your agents search and send the correct and on brand answers to customers with ease.

Empower your Support Agents

Making technical support, customer communication and customer service accessible 24/7 365 days, across all communication channels is not easy! The Platform sets a standard of response to meet the needs of all your customers. In most existing organizations today, there are already a number of customer-communication channels. One of the challenges is synchronizing dispersed content into a unified one.

With our full integration, you can offer Live Chat seamlessly. Empower your agents when you have new updates and offerings.
Cut the learning curve when this happens for new and more experienced agents by giving them all the pre set answers all in one place. Customers can even send and receive attachments to help resolve issues, or complete tasks, and once the Live Chat is built, it can go live in minutes, instead of weeks, all fully branded.

Empower your Support Agents

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