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The Client

Mizrahi-Tefahot is the third largest bank in Israel, providing credit-cards to the public as well as the leading mortgage bank in Israel. The bank’s group operates in Israel and abroad, engaging in commercial, business and retail activities.

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The Challenge

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank’s vision is to provide its customers’ a personalized level of service. They consider their customer as an individual client entitled to personal and customized treatment. As part of these ideals they were looking for the ability to provide immediate digital responses to customers, on the communication channels that each customer finds convenient to use.

“ We’re now getting more qualified leads than before. Our SDRs are having more qualified conversations and we’re driving nearly 30% more MQLs. “

— Ben Battaglia, Director of Marketing, Menora

The Solution

Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank introduced Engage’s omnichannel platform as a core ingredient in the bank’s service platform which was implemented alongside their new website and other digital infrastructure.

The bank’s overarching strategy is to reach the customer wherever they are. Today, the customers interact online and on social networks, namely WhatsApp. Therefore, the bank searched for a solution that gives the customer a omnichannel user experience, on its website, on its secure site and on WhatsApp.

As part of their digital transformation, the Bank recognized that their form signing process was an increasingly complicated task. given that the customer had to physically reach the bank or receive the forms by fax resulted in a complicated and delayed process.

Therefore, Engage implemented in the bank a code for digital forms and remote stamping and together with the bank, Engage built a complete set that has been expanded today to a variety of forms. As a result of the success with the form solution.

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