Send your customers digital forms from any platform, at any time with our easy set up and integration.

Digital forms provide a solution to streamline sales and service processes with customers. With a simple drag and drop, you can easily build digital forms, flows and documentation that automatically populates your relevant databases.

Digital Forms

Why Digital Forms?

The digital form saves valuable time and our forms enable automation within the organization. Digital forms and creating a solid Digital Customer Journey allows you to set mandatory fields for filling in and checking for data integrity.

The digital form contains all elements of a paper form, saving you wrong interpretations of a manuscript or typos.

“ We’re now getting more qualified leads than before. Our SDRs are having more qualified conversations and we’re driving nearly 30% more MQLs. “

— Ben Battaglia, Director of Marketing, Menora

Engage Digital Forms

Plan, create, and automatically upload to your system all in a few steps. Accelerate your processes and offer your customers a unique, and simple experience.

The drag and drop platform allows you to input all the same information as a paper document, but now you can avoid mistakes with mandatory fields, and cut down on the back and forth. The whole process and interaction with your customer can take minutes, not days!

Paperless is also ‘green’ so as environmental awareness is growing, the digital form allows you to become a greener organization.

Engage Digital Forms

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