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With Engage’s solutions, every customer interaction converts into a digital, automated and orchestrated offering, as we interpret the customer’s “intent” and match it with a timely, simple and concise digital experience.

Banking Industry
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Approach to Banking

If you’re a growing company in the world of banking, delivering seamless support at scale can be a challenge but also key to your success.

With, all of your customers data is in one place which then gives your agents a seamless approach to help customers faster. Your customers data is secure and with the digital journey and omni channel support, you can ensure that all your customers are happy because they get a better experience, something new and 21st century, yet easy for everyone.

Automation is Key

Your customers don’t want to be waiting in line at your branch, or on a call with the customer service department for endless minutes only to do simple tasks and to ask more complex questions. Did you know that you can offer them a fully automated process that is seamless and easy for stakeholders.

With, you can create and deploy automated processes like loan requests and mortgage evaluations with digital forms all remotely, and without the need for an agent to do the process with them. The fully automated process will allow your agents to handle multiple customer requests at once, with omni channel options.

Customer Satisfaction

Any time, Anywhere

Your agents can now offer 24/7 support with plug and play options that suit their KPI’s and common customer needs. With your agents are not available, you can deploy our conversational AI (yes, the Chat Bot) to automate requests they might need, or want to complete at 3am.

Simply set up the Chatbot to ask the right questions and send them to forms and demands they commonly ask for, and get started on their own. When the time comes for them to need a real live agent, or ask more questions, the Bot will send them to a more accessible omnichannel function that you have set up. Our platform allows you to be dynamic and agile and fully automated when you need it to be.

Put your Trust in Us

No customer wants to worry about their sensitive data ending up in the wrong place.’s data collection and storage is held to the highest security standard, and ensures that only the assigned people on your team have access to the data they need to help customers and their needs.

We offer role-based permissions so that it’s easy to be sure you’re demonstrating compliance with major regulations—and keeping clients your number one priority. When they ask, you can demonstrate how secure your data is.

Put your Trust in Us

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