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With Engage’s solutions, every customer interaction converts into a digital, Automated and orchestrated offering, as we interpret the customer’s “intent” and match it with a timely, easy and concise digital experience.

Insurance Industry
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Approach to Insurance

Our Digital Customer Journey combined with Omnichannel support allows your policyholders, new and old to complete tasks, follow procedures and comply with your requirements all in one easy and simple place. We want your customers to have everything you offer all in one place, in the places where they are.

We allow you to communicate with your customers via the platforms your customers use such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Live Chat functions in your app or website and email for those who want it. When you identify your customers needs faster, you enable them to be happier customers, for longer.

Easy For You
And Your Customers

The ease of use allows more customers to complete the forms and documentation without the need to call customer service and fill in the forms with an agent. Our streamlined platform also allows your agents and representatives to understand and view all the capabilities all in one place. The easy to handle requests and policy amendments or renewals can be automated and allow you to deal with the bigger issues faster and reduce wait times for those customers who need your reps the most.

Some of our customers have created Chatbot processes that allow customers to instantly find local service providers that are pre approved by your policies so that they don’t need to call your agents in a moment of urgency, or an emergency such as needing a breakdown service.

These requests and inquiries can be completely automated without disturbing your agents. Time is valuable to both your customers and your agents, so why not help them save on both.

Easy For You And Your Customers
Visuals Omnichannel Chat

Approve Processes Faster
No More Back & Forth

Our intuitive communication platform is a learning platform that uses natural-language. Natural-language processing is a mechanism that teaches the machine human language. The machine can be taught to understand the customer’s intent, thanks to the combination of natural-language processing and the learning platform. 

In the digital world, automation and initiative communication is used to meet the customer needs. We are able to humanize the machine and understand the intent behind various wordings thanks to the combination of natural-language processing and the learning Platform.

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