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With and our Omnichannel solutions, you can deploy multiple channels of communication in days instead of weeks. Offer live chat, conversational AI and even whatsapp chats and help customers complete orders and ask questions in a snap. Simple and more complex requests can be met with speed.

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Approach for Retail

Creating great customer experiences in retail is tough. Keeping customers happy means making every interaction matter. With, you can make sure your customers get the support they need wherever they’re interacting with your brand, at any time. Because happy shoppers are repeat customers and that’s what makes a good brand great. Did you know that 72% of consumers expect companies to know their purchase history regardless of the method of communication.

The Full Picture

Fully understand your customers by offering them everything you can to make sure they remain happy customers but also loyal to your brand. Get all their information in one place, and support them from the same palace, on all communications channels they prefer. One step further is engaging with your customers while they are enjoying the shopping experience. We allow you to upsell via live chat, or help them find their nearing store’s opening hours via a conversational AI, or simply join a loyalty program via facebook.

The Full Picture
Integrated Platform for Retail

Integrated Platform for Retail allows you to create a CRM experience for your agents, that allows them to help customers with multiple levels of needs and requests. Starting with simply getting a refund, or tracking orders on their phone and even upselling them with new offers using landing pages and thank you pages after their order was completed. There are many omnichannel opportunities to help grow your retail sales and improve on the customer experience.

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