• January 2022

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Transform Your Customer’s Digital Journey and Drive Profits

It’s no surprise that excellent customer experiences translate into improved user retention and greater profits for your company. What does surprise many business owners and marketing managers is just how easy it is to totally transform your customers’ experiences. With today’s blend of technology and know-how, we can connect with customers more effectively, more efficiently, and more authentically – with less effort than ever.

Indeed, companies that invest in improving their customer retention rates by just 5% can see leaps in their profits between 25% and 95% (Bain and Company). Put differently: 85% of customers abandon a product or service because of poor service (Kolsky) resulting in $1.7 trillion lost in the U.S. alone each year (GetFeedback).

Shockingly, while just a single negative experience can prompt 33% of Americans to switch providers (American Express), it may take as many as 12 positive experiences to win back their loyalty (Business Insider). According to Harvard, acquiring a new customer can be up to 25x more costly than retaining an existing one (HBR). You don’t need a business degree to understand that keeping customers engaged is the most effective and most affordable way to grow your business’s bottom line.

The significance of Customer Experience for Leading Brands Transform Your Coustomer’s Digital Journey with Engage

Engage Better

Historically, customers’ digital journeys have been managed separately from company’s contact centers, creating two divorced environments instead of a single, holistic experience.

Engage.com flips this model on its head. Its suite of Customer Engagement products blend customers’ journeys with companies’ touchpoints, so that customers get exactly the support they need, at the exact moment they need it.

Even better, Engage.com’s products are designed to be integrated and managed by business users, with intuitive, no-code interfaces and a blazing fast time to value. By reimagining how companies can cater to their customers’ needs, Engage.com empowers your representatives to reach out to users proactively, with laser-focused support and a consistent brand voice.

1. Digital Customer Journeys

According to TheManifest, an overwhelming 81% of people have recently given up while completing a digital form, citing security concerns, form complexities, poorly timed questions, and unstable technology. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of those users will never return to the form in question, with only 20% making a second attempt.

Engage.com’s revolutionary Digital Customer Journeys solution turns complex manual processes into immersive digital experiences that your customers will complete without a second thought. Empower your customers to choose how and when they want to complete their journeys, and give them full control – and total support.

Digitally complete entire customer journeys in real-time with Forms, Document Collection, eSignatures, and more using automated workflows that your team can build, manage, and optimize with zero code and full confidence.

2. Proactive Chat

What’s the only thing worse than a frustrated customer? A silent one.

Even worse – those customers tend to only be silent to you, with as few as 1 in 25 negative experiences being reported to Customer Support. In fact, dissatisfied customers will share their stories loud and far – with some 13% sharing their experiences with as many as 15 peers (Klosky).

What if your sales & support teams could identify frustrated customers before they have a chance to give up entirely? Now imagine your agents could reach out to those dissatisfied, disgruntled, or defeated customers proactively – offering a well-timed tip or word of encouragement. You don’t have to imagine it anymore.

With Engage.com’s Proactive Chat, anyone in your organization can communicate with customers at any time, effectively democratizing your contact centers. All interaction data is integrated and synced with your CRM and the rest of the Engage.com suite, to eliminate any information gaps and ensure your customers feel heard and supported at every step of their journey.

3. Conversational AI Chat

Customers increasingly expect to reach support and sales agents immediately, for real-time guidance and specialized expertise. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of professionals will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis (Gartner).

This onslaught of customer expectations necessitates a new, better way to provide meaningful, useful interactions.

Engage.com’s Conversational AI Chat solution comprehends your customers’ inquiries – and their intentions behind them – guiding them through their digital journeys in real-time without adding to your team’s workload. By blending AI and human input, the customer gets the information (and interaction!) they need – instantly.

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Optimizing your customers’ digital journeys is critical for securing their loyalty, encouraging new conversions, and maximizing your bottom line. And thanks to the game-changing solutions from Engage.com, it’s easier than ever.

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