• December 2021

ReFORMulating Customer Journeys for Digital Financial Services

From signup to signature, financial institutions have special challenges in designing their customers’ digital journeys. They must contend with unique security regulations. They have users justifiably wary of giving out personal information. They have complex technical requirements for collecting and transferring documents. And that’s just the beginning.

Transform Your Customer’s Digital Journey with Engage

Forms present a particular obstacle for digital financial services – and the customers considering them. In addition to the emotional considerations that may delay a user conversion, financial customers have unique concerns around money, time, security, and trust. In fact, the financial sector suffers from one of the internet’s worst form completion rates – with 75.7% of forms abandoned before completion.

Because of their distinct emotional, financial, and technical stakes, digital financial services are designing new, innovative customer journeys to ensure successful conversions.

Understanding Form Abandonment

Agam Liderim, a leading pension provider, recognized that their prospective customers were abandoning their customer journey, and identified form length as one of the most significant contributors to form abandonment.

Working with Engage.com, Agam Liderim turned the form completion process on its head by empowering agents to “pre-fill” forms before sending them to clients. The agent can build a form specifically for the client in question, indicating the data left to provide. With a simple unique link, the agent sends the form to the client to complete the missing information, review the full form, and provide a digital signature. Upon form submission, the client receives a copy, and the data is automatically integrated into the company’s CRM.

The Significance of Proactive Chat

Using Engage.com’s Proactive Chat solutions, companies can further ensure form completion by endowing agents to reach out proactively to customers that seem to be struggling with completing the fields. Engage.com’s proprietary AI can identify users who could benefit from some personal attention and notifies available agents. The agents can then initiate a chat with the user, offering expert, personal guidance in real-time.

Forms built on Engage.com technology also enable secure document collection, seamless e-signatures, and end-to-end customer engagement across any device or channel.

Research shows that without intervention, 3 in 4 prospective customers will abandon your financial forms. Of them, 2 will never return.

Engage.com can boost form completion and customer conversions by up to 30%. Learn more about Engage.com’s sophisticated form success technology, and discover how you can keep customers engaged through the end of their journeys – and beyond.

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