The Client

United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS) is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. UPS makes the world ‘smaller’ and more accessible to billions of customers by offering the widest range of options for movement of goods, information and finances.

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The Challenge

With the rise of e-commerce platforms and the opportunities on the internet, UPS found competition from other platforms who could offer a higher and quicker level of service. Not only were they struggling to provide a high level of service but were also challenged by the amount of bureaucracy and red-tape. As other competitors provided quicker guaranteed delivery times and faster customer service, UPS knew it was necessary to digitize their processes.

“ We’re now getting more qualified leads than before. Our SDRs are having more qualified conversations and we’re driving nearly 30% more MQLs. “

— Ben Battaglia, Director of Marketing, Menora

The Solution

UPS has integrated Engage’s Omnichannel platform in order to face these challenges. Especially as customers expect excellent service from the company and from other shipping companies as well.

UPS Israel realized that in order to provide a better and broader customer service, they needed to develop a digital transformation strategy. They did this for two reasons, in order to transition from the old methods while also reducing the burden on their customer service representatives. To this end, UPS decided to open a new and interactive communications channel for their customers called “Shipi”.

Shipi is a bot embedded in UPS, it tracks shipments, provides business information, and communicates the initial customer service response.

If Shipi fails to answer a customer’s questions, the customer goes on a call with a human representative on Engage’s omnichannel platform. The platform enables a convenient UI for the representative to troubleshoot issues and operate the customer’s account, improving both customer experience and satisfaction.

The omnichannel platform makes the transition to the representative smoother and easier making the representative available to multiple customers queries at the same time where this would have been previously impossible.