Internal Operations

Streamline your internal training process & employee onboarding

By being the internal operations, you are influencing your company's brand. What and how you engage with employees reflects your brand. With, you can train new and seasoned employees anytime, anywhere and in the places they want to communicate with you.

Internal Operations
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Approach to Internal Operations

Efficiency for you as an operations department is key and processes need to be implemented strategically and done right and since time is of the essence, you need something that is custom made by you, easy to deploy and even easier to use. Your role as an operations manager may vary depending on your organization, but generally you are there managing quality assurance programs, supervising employees, hiring, and training other employees, monitoring existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness and creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency.

Automate What You Can

The important tasks that you are in charge of to ensure a smooth operation can be assisted by the use of our Conversation AI and live chat platforms. Imagine being able to assist new employees with technical support by instructing them to follow a flow on your internal intranet system, and when thighs get extra sticky, deploy a Chatbot that goes directly to the IT department? This can all be done with the plug and play feature at platform.

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Train Remotely

Sometimes your training will span further than you can reach, and some new employees might feel more isolated, and remote from not meeting and knowing their internal operations team. With our unique solutions, you can train staff from afar in all matters easily and communicate with them all the way through their training sessions. Employees can also train in their own time and come back for extra support or questions. You can reduce the learning curve with these automated processes and get to know every new employee. Employees can return to the training manuals again and again to keep up to date.

Share your Company Culture

Share your core values with your employees and offer incentives and engagement via our unique platform. The culture you share will directly impact the way your employees perform and can affect your bottom line for the good or bad. Use our solutions to help employees understand who you are, and to show them the benefits of working there, but also how to use the products and services they will then be sharing with customers. Use our analytics solution to understand and monitor the impact of employee engagement.

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