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Fit the right support tool for your business and help customers anywhere they are, at any time of the day. Communicate with customers via whatsapp, or via email or live chat - all tailored to your customers needs. Reach peak productivity by allowing all your agents to handle multiple requests all in one platform, all at the same time with full transparency of all the conversations.

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The Approach
for Telecommunications

Customers have many different ways to access information and to connect with your business. For telecom providers like you, it’s not enough to have the fastest network, the newest devices, or the most information but it’s about providing the best customer experience. empowers you to connect with your customers, deliver the information they want, and exceed their expectations seamlessly and easily. Your agents are handed all the knowledge so that they can quickly answer the customers questions. Pre set conversations can also help agents learn faster, and adopt new services and products at a much faster pace.
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Streamline your
Customer Communication

Improving the customer experience is key to having a successful customer experience and improving the interactions you have with your customers. You can have one customer speaking to an agent in email, and then have them move to live chat, and even SMS for the more location based services you can offer. Imagine your customers could speak to someone from their home and have a technical issue resolved fully remotely and on a Live Chat or Chat Bot. Your agents can be free to help multiple customers all at once, all in one platform, and completely streamlined for your best results.

We allow you to make you customize your customer facing support channels to match your branding, with our CSS drag and drop solution.

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Streamline your Customer Communication
Your Agents Can Be More Efficient

Your Agents
Can Be More Efficient

Technical support and support can take up a lot of bandwidth for your support staff and agents. You can reduce call volume with Conversational AI and Live chat with our plug and play platform. All agents can see full communications for the customer, and where they came from, and where they are engaging currently so that they can efficiently help the customer.

Often technical support can get overwhelming, but your agents can handle the customer calmly, and reduce the wait time for those customers needing urgent help.

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